Safety Shower

    Shower in Safety


    There are many options for creating a safe shower.

    Each year the number of aging adults who choose to live in their home rather then go to a retirement community is growing. Thanks to principles of universal design in bathroom remodels, these adults can now feel safer in one of the most dangerous rooms in the home. The ability to properly tend to daily needs enables many seniors live independently. .







    Design Ideas for Safe Showers

    When completing a bathroom remodel, some ideas for making a shower safer and more accessible include:

    • Have a shower, or a whole bathroom, on the first floor. When thinking about a bathroom remodel, by putting the bathroom on the first floor of the home, there are no stairs to climb.

    • Non-slip tubs or stalls. Choose products with a non slip surface, however we always advise for extra safety for the homeowner to adhere non-skid tub strips or rubber suction mats to avoid slips. Also, mats should be placed outside the bathing area too.

     Try a simple shower stall. A simple shower is a great choice. Since a shower is in many times safer then climbing in and out of a tub, it is advisable to choose a shower instead of a tub. 

    • Install a walk-in bath. Walk-in tubs tend to cost a bit more then a shower solution, but this is a great alternative for a safer bathing experience. 

    • Attach grab bars on bath walls. Grab bars come in many different shapes and sizes. There are beautiful and contemporary and match with any décor.

     Install a hand-held or flexible shower head. This helps people with less flexibility reach areas all over the body easier.

    • Invest in shower seats or chairs. Simply sitting down during a shower may be a great relief to many indviduals. There is a wide variety of different shower seats that can be customized for your bathroom.