How to Install a Toilet

    You will be glad to know how to install a toilet, if you want to replace your toilet or install a toilet to your new bathroom by yourself.


    You will see there are many choices in the shop, generally, there are one-piece toilet and two- piece toilet for you choose, the two-piece toilet are the most common. So here we will show you how to install a two-piece toilet.


    Excepting the toilets fittings- the necessary gaskets, washers, and hardware for fitting the tank to the bowl, you might also need to buy a few parts. Include hold-down bolts, a wax gasket for sealing the drain, and a flexible water-supply tube for connecting the tank to the shutoff valve.


    When we replace a new toilet, the first thing you will need to do is remove your old toilet. Turn off the water shut off valve.  Flush the toilet in order to remove all the water. When you take the old toilet away, you will see the Wax Ring, then remove it too. We need to change a new Wax Ring to our new toilet.


    Then just do it as same as you install a new toilet. The following is a video to show you how to install the toilet step by step.