Choose the Right Color for Countertops

    Kitchen countertops are a big investment and can be a substantial part of the costs of a kitchen renovation. There are two primary considerations when choosing countertop. You must choose the countertop material, and then you must decide what color your kitchen counters should be. Your counters need to coordinate with your cabinetry, wall color and any trim colors in your kitchen. If you have an open-concept home, they should also work with the decor of connecting spaces.


    1. Start by choosing your kitchen countertop material. You may have a wide range of choices of color in synthetic materials but many fewer options in natural ones like granite or marble. The choice of countertop material should be a functional one, as well as an aesthetic one.
    2. Decide whether you want a neutral tone for your kitchen countertops or a stronger color. A neutral will offer more decor options, but strong color makes a statement. Consider how often you redecorate or change your seasonal items, how you feel about color and how much of a statement you want to make with your kitchen counters.
    3. Take color samples of your countertop material home. In many cases, you will find that you are quickly drawn to just a few of the available colors in the solid surface, stone or laminate countertop you have chosen for your kitchen.
    4. Look at each color in your kitchen, combining it with your cabinetry and wall color. If your new cabinets are not yet in place, have finish and paint samples available. Consider the undertone in your cabinetry, the lighting in your space and the overall look you want in your kitchen counters.
    5. Consider your lifestyle. If you cook a lot, have a busy household or small children, a surface that hides dirt may be better than one that has to be sparkling clean to look good. Consider a speckled medium tone color for this situation. If modern elegance is your goal, look for a dark, rich color with a reflective sheen for your kitchen counters.


    By Michelle Powell-Smith